Transport | By: N Quentin Woolf

Londonist Out Loud: A Podcast For London, 27 January 2011

With nine years of musings on London's Tube system, Annie Mole is one of London's most treasured and long-established bloggers. N Quentin Woolf goes underground to find out where she gets her inspiration from, why she remains anonymous (see photo) and how she chose the name Annie Mole. Press play to hear more.

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I'm having sound quality issues - intro music is fine but the interview is inaudible.


Maybe - that's what you get for trying to listen at work I guess! Always amazes me that we have better PC equipment at home than in the office. Thanks for checking.

David Goodwin

Inspiring interview of the tube blog trend setter Annie Mole!


"The world is not going to end if you don't blog every day" - great advice Annie, but I don't think I can risk it. I'd feel awful if I stopped and it did.

Great interview, though, all. And it's a fantastic blog. Keep up the good work!


"I think you can often tell when blogs are getting a bit stale and pushing out content where there's no real feeling or interest behind it"

are you kidding me? this is hilarious. Annie's blog recycles news constantly by her just lifting stories from the Metro and the Evening Standard (often with her just taking a photo of the paper with the headline), and then just asking people "What do you think?". She's done no insightful writing, research, or anything of interest for the last few years now. it's HER blog that is shockingly stale. (Same nasty yellow coloured slow-to-load and looks-shit-in-IE blogger template for 9 years... hello?)


I always suspected that she lived/worked close to Old Street. The pic above might be conclusive! haha!