What Should We Do With London's Old Phone Boxes?

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 56 months ago

Last Updated 29 October 2019

What Should We Do With London's Old Phone Boxes?

When it comes to London icons, the old red phone boxes are right up there. Once upon a time these mini communication centres were a matter of convenience. Tube up the spout? Urgent business call? Whispering sweet nothings to your paramour? The phone box was a friend you could rely on.

But with the introduction of mobile phones, London's phone boxes now litter the city's streets as mere mementos of a time gone by. Or do they? Turns out, many of them are being repurposed in some rather unexpected, and lovely, ways. We sent Londonist's Harry Rosehill out to explore...

What ideas do you have for how to repurpose London's old phone boxes? Let us know in the comments below. Learn more about the history of the red phone box with our evolutionary tree.

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