Discover Chinatown's Secret Sweet Spots

Robert Greene
By Robert Greene Last edited 75 months ago

Last Updated 13 February 2018

Discover Chinatown's Secret Sweet Spots

If you've been heading to Chinatown purely for the delicious crispy duck, dim sum dumplings and sweet'n'sour morsels, then you are missing out on an altogether sweeter side of the area.

Come with us on a sugar-filled tour of London's Chinatown, discovering the incredible desserts, puddings, tarts and cakes that will have your sweet tooth in overdrive. Warning: this video may cause excess salivating, please exercise caution.

Featured in this video are Taiyaki from Bake, egg waffles from Bubblewrap, Kiwi Sago Lo from The Shan State and Chinese egg tart from Wonderful Patisserie.