Ace Cafe In Wembley Is A True Biker's Paradise

By Londonist Staff Last edited 61 months ago

Last Updated 25 April 2019

Ace Cafe In Wembley Is A True Biker's Paradise

Motorcyclists, petrol-heads, truckers and rock'n'rollers will find much to love at north London's Ace Cafe. Originally designed as a strategic pit-stop next to the North Circular Road, this little local soon attracted a loyal clientele. Since its opening in 1938, Ace Cafe has survived air raid damage, falling profits and almost 30 years of closure.

Today, it continues to stand proud as an icon on London's biking scene — even spurring more Ace Cafe openings further afield in Finland, Switzerland and China. With greasy spoon-style all-day fare, plus monthly car and biker events, it remains a fine place to meet, eat and soak up a key player in London's biking history.

Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, NW10 7UD.