It's Snowing! Time For Londonist Snow Bingo

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 60 months ago
It's Snowing! Time For Londonist Snow Bingo
Photo: Sam Carpenter (January 2013)

It's snowing in London, which means you can guarantee several things will happen:

  • Transport will grind to a halt after the first three flakes have fallen.
  • Twitter and Instagram will be flooded with photos, videos, hashtags, stories, GIFs and the like. It'll all be all white in the end.
  • Jackie in admin will start making noises about how she'd "better leave the office by 3pm at the latest" just in case it gets so bad she "can't get home". Jackie love, you live three streets away.

All sound familiar? Crack out Londonist Snow Bingo and see if you can get a full house igloo:

Last Updated 11 December 2017