Earn Loyalty Points Every Trip With Ride-Hailing App Zareou

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Earn Loyalty Points Every Trip With Ride-Hailing App Zareou

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Facemasks are required now, obvs. But you'll be smiling behind them, thanks to the great perks available with Zareou.

Overwhelmed with the choice of ride-hailing apps to get around London? Pick Zareou, the one that gives you a little something back every time you travel.

Zareou offers plenty of benefits for passengers, in addition to getting you from A to B, whether it's a personal or business trip. Simply download the app to hail a lift at the touch of a button, and start earning straight away — you'll get £10 credit on sign-up, which you can put towards your first ride.

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Every ride you take with Zareou is paid for by the card(s) on your file, so no need to worry about wasting time making a payment transaction when you're in a hurry.

Want to earn more credit? Refer your friends and family to Zareou. Once they're signed up and riding, you'll earn 10% of Zareou commission on every ride they take, now and in the future, meaning the bigger your network, the more money you can save.

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Best of all, you can request a vehicle that suits your needs, every time you ride, so you can choose how you travel. Got clients to impress? Book via the Business category for an executive service. Want to go green? Use Z-ero for eco-friendly vehicles.

The MPV and MPV+ categories offer you a larger vehicle for when you're travelling with a group of family or friends. The First category is for luxury rides — you can use it to book prestigious cars such as a Mercedes S Class, Jaguar XJ, BMW 7 series or Audi A8.

Zareou offers much more than just getting you from A to B. Find out more about Zareou and download it today to start earning loyalty points.

Last Updated 31 August 2020