World's Weirdest Tube Map Spotted In Trondheim Airport

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 45 months ago
World's Weirdest Tube Map Spotted In Trondheim Airport

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We studied it. We studied it some more. We laughed. We cried. We squinted. We went 'what the...?' quite a lot.

Could this tube map — pasted outside the toilets of Trondheim Værnes Airport in Norway — just have scooped the trophy/certificate/£50 prize money for most bizarre Harry Beck rip-off ever?

Let's take the 'Victoria line'. Populated with London-based football teams, it would appear there is some method to the madness. However, why is Wembley Stadium next to Crystal Palace? Watford neighbouring Charlton? And why does the line terminate in the north at (one of two stations called) Fish & Chips?

The likes of Afternoon Tea, Bangers and Mash and The Dog and Duck make this look more like a Dominic Cummings mind map for Brexit — and don't get us started on the station known as Half Pint. Its multiple inclusions (with interchanges that are a logistical discombobulation) hint that somewhat more than half a pint of Carlsberg had been sunk when this thing was thrown together. At least, with another booze-related station, our artist appears to be a fan of one of our best-loved east London haunts, The Wenlock Arms.

We're not the only ones befuddled by the airport's reckless cartography:

In fact, its near-Dadaist surrealism suddenly makes this risible shower curtain tube map look like a passable bit of TfL signage.

We pray that London-bound pilots setting off from Trondheim Værnes are equipped with some more solid navigational aides.

With thanks to our anonymous contributors for their photos.

Last Updated 05 February 2019