Which Item Is Lost Most On The Underground?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 24 months ago
Which Item Is Lost Most On The Underground?

At one time or other, we've all left something behind on the tube: an umbrella, a novel, maybe a child. But what's the thing Londoners leave behind the most? Lost-and-found company Tile asked TfL to reveal the top 10 items lost on the Underground network in December 2016. Here are the results:

If we're to take these figures as a typical month, almost one in five items are debit or credit cards. If you're thinking 'they've clearly been nicked', bear in mind all these items ended up in TfL's lost property office, so were probably just mislaid.

Much of this ranking will come as no surprise (who hasn't left their gloves behind after a night on the tiles?). It is perhaps a bit strange that in the depths of winter, umbrellas don't feature in the top 10 — maybe because Londoners were holding onto them for dear life. We'd be interested to know how many of the spectacles/sunglasses are the latter, given December's dreary weather.

And seeing as these figures are from December, we have to say we're disappointed the top 10 didn't include something like 'christmas tree' or 'frozen turkey.'

Oh, and we're guessing 'Evening Standard' doesn't count.

We've previously visited London Underground's lost property office on Baker Street:

Last Updated 16 February 2017