Plans For Redevelopment Of Waterloo Station Revealed

Last Updated 11 March 2024

Plans For Redevelopment Of Waterloo Station Revealed
Artist's impression of the Victory Arch entrance to Waterloo station, with roads replaced with a large pedestrian area including trees and bushes
The northern 'Victory Arch' entrance, as it could look. Image: Network Rail

Plans for a redevelopment of Waterloo station, including rejigged entrances and a new concourse, have been revealed.

The 'London Waterloo Station vision' — a joint project between Network Rail and Lambeth Council — encompasses plans for the station itself, as well as the surrounding area.

Changes include a redevelopment of the northern end of the station, including the 'Victory Arch' entrance shown in the top image. At the moment, this leads commuters out into a muddled area consisting of two lanes of traffic, as well as cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings. Images of the plans show this area completely pedestrianised.

As a result, some bus stops and taxi ranks will be relocated to a new interchange on the south-east side of the station. Additionally, a new concourse is planned for the south side of the station, with the aim of reducing congestion as people enter and leave the station, though we don't yet know what this might look like or where exactly it might go.

Artist's impression of an underground pedestrian space, with shops, and escalators up to the station above
Artist's impression of a potential future station undercroft. Image: Network Rail

A further artist's impression shows a potential undercroft area, not dissimilar in appearance to the shopping area at London Bridge station, with shopfronts and cafes beneath a brick vaulted ceiling.

At the moment, the plans are still in the early stages, with local residents, businesses and stakeholders due to be consulted. There will be a focus on 'active travel' to and from the station, with improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Waterloo station has already seen plenty of development in recent years, with the former Eurostar platforms being reopened to domestic trains, and The Sidings shopping area opening below that. Some of the retail units in The Sidings remain empty, which may lead to questions about whether it's necessary to add even more shopping areas to the station.

You can read more about the plans on the Lambeth Council website.