Which Tube Line Is The Most Delayed?

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 30 months ago
Which Tube Line Is The Most Delayed?
Waiting for the tube. Photo: Shutterstock

You wait, and wait, and wait... and wait.

There's nothing worse than delays on the tube. The platform fills up, becoming unbearably busy. The heat and worry build. But which line has the most frequent delays?

Casino.co.uk looked into it, showing Londoners which tube lines have the highest chance of a delay. And the winner (or loser, depending on your perspective) is...

The District line. The green line had 198 delays longer than 15(!) minutes in 2018.

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5.2 million hours lost on the Central line... last year

That's just one way of calculating the most delayed line, though. Another is which had the most lost customer hours. And if we go by that metric, the winner (or again, loser) is...

The Central line, which lost a whopping 5,200,103 hours last year. Seriously.

This interactive tool lets you check how your regular line fares. One fun option is to check how delayed each line has been since 2004. Searching this time period, the Northern line has had the most delays longer than 15 minutes: an unhealthy 2,655. In the same timeframe, 75,042,741 customer hours have been lost on the Jubilee line. That's the equivalent of 8,566 years. Think of all the great leaps humanity could have made in that time. All lost to the tube.

The Northern line: closed 2,655 times in 15 years

There's one final metric you can judge tube issues by: station closures. In 2018, the Northern line pipped everyone else to the title, with stations closed 105 times. That's a title it retains when looking at closures over the past 15 years. With 2,655, it's had over 600 closures more than the nearest competitor.

Last Updated 11 March 2019