Here Are The 10 Least And Most Used Stations In London Last Year

Here Are The 10 Least And Most Used Stations In London Last Year

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Drayton Green. Photo: Simon

Roughly every 12 months, the Office of Rail and Road releases data estimating station usage across the country.

For train fans, the day this data is released is a second Christmas — scratch that, it's better than Christmas Day, seeing as no trains run on 25 December. The official factsheet that's published alongside the data focuses on the most used stations both in the country, and specifically in London (for which there is plenty of overlap). However, we're going to focus on the much more exciting least used stations instead.

Without further ado here are London's least used stations, the figures in brackets indicating their number of entries and exits for 2018-2019.

  1. South Greenford (28,084)
  2. Drayton Green (29,228)
  3. Angel Road (35,570)
  4. Sudbury & Harrow Road (42,286)
  5. Morden South (67,528)
  6. Sudbury Hill Harrow (79,582)
  7. Castle Bar Park (79,866)
  8. South Merton (114, 538)
  9. Birkbeck (137,144)
  10. Crews Hill (139,344)

There we have it, South Greenford is London's least used station. This isn't surprising, considering South Greenford lost all its direct trains to Paddington a couple of years ago, although this is an increase of 6% on the previous year. Two other stations from the small line also make the list, Drayton Green and Castle Bar Park.

Meridian Water Station
Meridian Water just before it opened as seen from Angel Road. Photo: Matt Buck

One of these stations no longer exists. In past years, Angel Road was London's least used station, but it will never reclaim that position as it closed on 31 May 2019. However its successor possibly could, as a few days after Angel Road closed, Meridian Water opened just 580 metres south.

And OK, since you asked so nicely, we'll tell you the most used stations in London. But trust us, this is a lot less exciting.

  1. London Waterloo (94,192,690)
  2. London Victoria (74,715,808)
  3. London Liverpool Street (69,482,532)
  4. London Bridge (61,308,364)
  5. London Euston (46,146,456)
  6. Stratford (41,206,226)
  7. London Paddington (38,181,588)
  8. London St Pancras International (35,984,204)
  9. London Kings Cross (34,645,924)
  10. Highbury & Islington (30,439,574)

There's very little of interest on this list — it's in the exact same ranking as the previous year. London Bridge has seen a huge jump in entries and exits (roughly 13 million) thanks to the returning Southeastern services after the completion of works. But that's about it.

If you want to pore over the data and find where your station placed, you can find it all here.

Last Updated 14 January 2020