Look Out For These Pride Posters Across The TfL Network

By Jun Li Last edited 20 months ago
Look Out For These Pride Posters Across The TfL Network
TfL poster with nine fists raised in power, assembled to resemble a Pride flag.
A poster designed by Paul, a member of TfL's staff. Image: TfL

It's 50 years of Pride in London, and TfL is launching special posters set to appear across its network, ahead of Pride in London celebrations this weekend.

The posters — appearing on all London Underground and Overground lines as well as on buses —  highlight the lives of London's LGBT+ communities and businesses, including The Cocoa Butter Club — an award-winning performance company showcasing performers of colour — and Gay's The Word, the UK's oldest LGBT+ independent book store.

A TfL poster featuring members of The Cocoa Butter Club.
One of the many new Pride-themed posters. Image: TfL

Cassie Leon, The Cocoa Butter Club's arts, nightlife and cabaret producer said: "We rely on the tubes and trains to transport all of our incredibly talented artists around London. The night tube has been a game changer in cabaret and we are so excited to be highlighted."

Uli Lenart, Gay's the Word's bookseller said: "The bus and the tube network has carried the LGBTQ+ communities to marches and parades and parties and pubs and clubs and back to theirs and then out again for as long as there has been somewhere to go and a queer culture to revel in. Thanks for getting us there, TfL."

A TfL poster featuring a picture of the front of Gay's the Word.
Honouring Britain's longest-running LGBT bookshop. Image: TfL

Other posters you may catch sight of while out and about pay homage to Polari — a secret code language used by LGBT+ Brits in the 1900s — and popularised by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams on the BBC radio comedy Round the Horne.

Framed by the Pride flag, they announced phrases like: "You turn my oyster up" ("You make me smile") and "Bona drag!" ("Good outfit!").

A poster written in Polari with the text "Bona drag," which means "good outfit."
Bona drag, meaning "good outfit." Image: TfL

Portraits of over 20 TfL employees and contractors at Vauxhall and Green Park Underground stations and Poplar DLR station, meanwhile, will show staff members being their "authentic selves" at their jobs while inspiring others to do the same.

Also at Vauxhall and Green Park, posters created by TfL's own staff will be on show, expressing their own creative take on Pride.

A poster featuring colourful, painted flowers with the text "I love all that I am, just as I am."
Poster designed by Honorata, TfL staff. Image: TfL

Marcia Williams, TfL's Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Talent said: "TfL is a strong and constant supporter of Pride and LGBT+ communities and we're committed to showing our continuous support all year round. Everyone has the right to travel and feel safe whilst travelling on public transport."

TfL, which have been part of London's Pride parade since 2006, will be attending again this Saturday with an electric bus glammed up to look — as Kenneth Williams might put it — fantabulosa.

Last Updated 28 June 2022

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