The Taylor Swift Tube Map

Last Updated 21 June 2024

The Taylor Swift Tube Map
An alternative tube map with station names reflecting Taylor Swift songs
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As Taylor Swift's Eras Tour comes to London, thousands of out-of-town Swifties will descend on the capital. So we've put together a Taylor Swift tube map, to help them navigate their way around.*

The Taylor Swift tube map reimagines the familiar diagram with a Swiftie theme, featuring puns inspired by the singer's lyrics, song titles and life, spanning all 11 albums. Some were just asking to be done (So Long London Bridge), while others took a little more mental gymnastics to arrive at.

To keep things simple, we've limited it strictly to tube stations — though we could have expanded to other lines: Lavender Haze & Harlington on the Elizabeth line, and Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince Regent on the DLR come to mind.

Closeup of the Taylor Swift tube map

Of course, there are still plenty of Blank Spaces to fill in — let us know in the comments if you have any Swiftie-themed suggestions for the adjacent stations.

Various other cities around the world have gone all out when the Eras tour arrived in town, renaming areas, stadiums or parts of the city's infrastructure, erecting plaques, and illuminating and decorating landmarks while Miss Swift was in residence. And given that London is the only city on the whole planet that the Eras Tour visits twice (21-23 June and 15-20 August), it's the least we could do. Over to you, TfL/Sadiq Khan.

*Note: Don't try to use this map as an actual navigational aid — that'd be about as effective as driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street.