The Superloop Loop Completes This Weekend - With The Launch Of SL2

The Superloop Loop Completes This Weekend - With The Launch Of SL2
A Superloop bus
Very much aware this bus is not travelling on the SL2 route. Image: TfL

Another weekend, another new Superloop route — although this'll be your last for a while now.

With the launch of the SL2 route from Walthamstow Central and North Woolwich on Saturday 2 March 2024, TfL's expansive orbital bus route is very near completion — in fact the loop part of it is now fully complete (if you ignore the awkward gap between Thamesmead and North Woolwich*).

The SL2 is an express bus route comprised of 14 stops; interestingly, taking the route won't necessarily speed up the journey time: you can, for instance, currently get from Walthamstow Central to North Woolwich on the bus in 1 hour 3 mins (though when we say 'on the bus' we mean on three buses — not ideal if you're trying to engross yourself in that copy of War and Peace). On the SL2, you'll be able to do the route in around 1 hour 8 minutes (so five minutes slower), but you'd just need the one bus. Obviously not everyone's going to be using the route to get from start to finish anyway.

A Superloop map
Image: TfL

The final 'spoke' in the Superloop wheel will be the opening of the SL4, which comes into play a year from now in March 2025. The very simple reason this one's taking so long is because it's reliant on the completion of the Silvertown Tunnel; if it was running right now, the SL4 would be a pretty wet bus journey.

That said, TfL seems to be happy with the public reaction to the Superloop so far, and if it continues to prove a success, perhaps more spokes will be added to the network in the future.

*Here, the Thames has the audacity to get in the way, the dearth of east London river crossings meaning that it takes a stonking 30 minute detour on bus/DLR to plug the Superloop gap.

Last Updated 01 March 2024

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