Ride On A 1938 Art Deco Tube Train This Summer

Last Updated 14 May 2024

Ride On A 1938 Art Deco Tube Train This Summer
Heritage tube train rides: A man in a bowler hat waits for a bright red tube train arriving into the station
They don't make 'em like they used to. Image: London Transport Museum

Dream of travelling to a bygone London? This summer you can do just that — thanks to a series of heritage rides on a 1938 tube train.

The burgundy-hued art deco style train — consisting of four carriages, and replete with wooden frames windows, sleek light fittings, and a sumptuous red and green cut and loop wool moquette — is running heritage trips on various lines this summer:

  • Acton Town to Oakwood on the Piccadilly line, including a mini talk about the architect Charles Holden at Oakwood station, and a transport collectibles pop-up stall at Acton Town, Sunday 9 June 2024 (Tickets now on sale)
  • Uxbridge to Harrow-on-the Hill on the Metropolitan line, including a costumed actor playing Charles Holden, plus music from a TfL busker, Saturday 20-Sunday 21 July 2024 (Tickets not yet on sale)
  • The Heathrow Loop on the Piccadilly line, including a pre-ride drop-in craft activity for families, Saturday 10-Sunday 11 August 2024 (Tickets not yet on sale)
  • Amersham to TBC on the Metropolitan line, Saturday 7-Sunday 8 September 2024 (Tickets not yet on sale)

All experiences also include a souvenir booklet.

Heritage tube train rides: Red and green vintage moquette seats
The train has been lovingly restored. Image: London Transport Museum

In all, over 1,100 of these 1938 cars were built — with some  still in use in London up until 1988. A handful of the trains were recycled on the Isle of Wight's Island Line, but in 2020 these were replaced with 'new' (aka 1980s) London Underground stock.

Nowadays, you can see these beauts in museums and depots, but rarely get a chance to ride on one.

Heritage tube train rides: A red tube train on the rails in a wooded area
There are a number of opportunities to one of these this summer. Image: London Transport Museum

Unfortunately these heritage rides are very much NOT at 1938 prices, although we have noted that the cost for the Acton Town to Oakwood journey (£22 adults £14 concessions, £12 kids) is cheaper than some previous trips (though also a shorter ride).

You can buy tickets on the London Transport Museum website, although not all of the tickets have been released at time of writing.

If you're looking for a thriftier heritage tube experience, you can always hop on the Bakerloo line.