Own This S Stock Tube Train For £340 (OK, It's Not Full-Sized)

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 16 months ago
Own This S Stock Tube Train For £340 (OK, It's Not Full-Sized)

Every Londoner dreams of a tube train of their own. In fact, some lucky sods are living that dream.

But for the rest of us plebs, finally some good tidings — now everyone can own a tube train, and these ones are the brand news S Stock too.

They are, we'll admit, slightly more diminutive those you'll find shuttling back and forth on the Metropolitan line (they're built to a built to a 1:76 scale).  But the driving cars are fitted with their own motors, and boast working headlights, tail lights, and illuminated destination display. (The carriages are, alas, not air conditioned like their real-life brethren.)

With the four car set, you can create either the S8 configuration (exclusive to the Met line, which includes cars with additional seating to cater for longer distance services) or the S7 configuration (what you get on all other sub surface lines). The world really is your oyster... or should that be Oyster?

If the £340 price tag is still a bit steep, plump for one for these S Stock individual cars (£39.99):

The motorised Bachmann S Stock 2017 four-car set is available now from London Transport Museum, £339.99

Last Updated 07 July 2017