London's 'Best' Train Station Is...

Harry Rosehill
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London's 'Best' Train Station Is...

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Train stations, eh? We love them, but we also love to hate them.

That universal truth is why Novotel has built a scientific ranking system for the UK's train stations. And what do you know, the winner is in London.

The champion of the UK's stations is... drum roll please... Paddington.

Paddington Station
We have a winner. Photo: Shutterstock

Seems a bit odd considering the station is famously such a pain to get to, but that's not how this data is arranged. Instead it's done on number of facilities, shops, restaurants and, most importantly, train punctuality. Take a look at the top ten below, and have a look at the top 100 here.

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It's really quite curious that Paddington doesn't have a bureau de change, considering it's the main station people use to reach Heathrow from central London. It's heartening to see eight London stations make the top 10, although we have to question Euston's inclusion, considering it's the eighth circle of hell. Also glad to see the excellent and underrated Slough makes the list.

As with all 'the best' lists, we're just as curious to see the other side of the spectrum — the worst. Well have a look at the handy infographic below, which lists the UK stations with the most delays. Spoiler: the winner (or, more aptly, loser) is in London.

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You've let us down, City Thameslink. 29% of trains on time is appalling. This is a particular indictment on Thameslink, as it's the only operator that run trains to the station — we suspect at other stations like St Pancras, it's all the non-Thameslink trains that are boosting stats.

Last Updated 09 July 2019