You Can Ride A Disused Part Of The Jubilee Line This February

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You Can Ride A Disused Part Of The Jubilee Line This February
Ride the original route of the Jubilee line this February. Image: Mattbuck in Creative Commons

There's a stretch of the Jubilee line that passengers haven't been able to ride for over 20 years — but this February there's a chance to do just that.

As part of the line's ongoing 40 year celebrations, London Transport Museum is offering special trips between Stanmore and Charing Cross — the original route of the Jubilee line when it opened in 1979.

Though Charing Cross was originally the south terminus of the Jubilee line, in November 1999, the station's Jubilee line platforms closed to the public, as the line diverted from Green Park down towards Westminster — and onwards to the Docks from there.

As part of the experience, you get to pose with a tube driver in the cab

There are two journeys to choose from next month — Stanmore to Charing Cross, and vice versa. On each tour, you get to hear the history of the line from Hidden London experts, and stay onboard while the train manoeuvres into the overrun tunnel — formerly the Jubilee line platforms — at Charing Cross.

You can climb into the driver's cab for a photo op, and there's also a Hidden London tour of the Jubilee line platforms and secret nooks and crannies of Charing Cross station.

After the ride, you get to tour the secret and disused parts of Charing Cross

The experiences take place on 9 and 23 February (there's a Stanmore to Charing Cross trip and vice versa on each of these days). Tickets do not come cheap: it'll set you back £90 (adult) and £85 for children and concessions. Rather a mark-up on 1979's prices, when trips were as cheap as 15p.

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