Have Your Say On The Future Of Oxford Street

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Have Your Say On The Future Of Oxford Street
Image: Megan Trace

What would you change about Oxford Street? A new public consultation is looking for views and ideas.

Oxford Street can be beautiful, but it also has a whole heap of problems — from overcrowded pavements to queues of empty buses to intense levels of traffic pollution.

The arrival of Crossrail at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road in late 2018 will make a big difference to the local area. On the one hand, it should relieve the buses and tubes that currently serve this east-west route. On the other, it will no doubt add to the number of people visiting or interchanging on Oxford Street, potentially compounding the existing problems.

Transport for London and Westminster City Council want to use the Crossrail opportunity to make big changes to the area. Specifically, they'd like to greatly reduce traffic volume (and thereby pollution) while increasing space for pedestrians.

Of course, there are significant challenges here. Crossrail won't make all traffic go away, and alternative routes will need to be found for buses, taxis and deliveries. Should Oxford Street be completely pedestrianised, only partly, or only at certain hours? Should cyclists also be barred from Oxford Street? Thorny questions, with much devil in the detail.

So what would you want them to do? The online consultation lays out the options, then prompts you for opinions. Fill it in now and help shape the future of this important street.

Last Updated 24 April 2017