Free Commuter 'Copter Launched Between Brighton And London

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Free Commuter 'Copter Launched Between Brighton And London
Let's hope the pilot's been going easy on the old Carabao, otherwise you might end up in Peru

In a week of commuter turmoil, one energy drink brand wants to soften the blow.

The Carabao Commuter 'Copter will whisk frustrated commuters from Brighton to London in just 30 minutes, for free — on 23, 24 and 25 May. (No return flight is mentioned in the press release. You'll probably have to get the train.)

The catch? It's a ruddy helicopter innit — meaning you've got more chance of scoring a seat on a Thameslink train.

For those desperate enough to view this as a genuine alternative to training it into London this week: keep your eyes peeled for announcements from @CarabaoUK on Twitter, and share a post with the hashtag #CarabaoCopterSOS.

We can't help think they've flunked at a marketing opportunity here: Carabao Gives You Blades.

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Last Updated 21 May 2018