Woo! Elizabeth Line Trains Will Run Between Reading And London From December

Will Noble
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Woo! Elizabeth Line Trains Will Run Between Reading And London From December
Image: TfL

Elizabeth line trains will start running between central London and Reading before the end of the year, TfL has announced.

From 15 December, shiny new Elizabeth line trains will run the stopping services between Paddington mainline and Reading, operated by TfL Rail. The current frequency of trains between these stations (four stopping trains per hour at peak times/two during off-peak) will be retained.

The service replaces part of the Great Western inner suburban route, although some fast services will continue to be operated by GWR from Reading, Twyford, Maidenhead and Slough, into Paddington.

Links between central London and Reading are about to improve. Image: Shutterstock

Operated by TfL Rail, the trains will not yet officially be called the Elizabeth line (or Crossrail), but will essentially be an Elizabeth line service in everything but name.

Can I use contactless/Oyster on the service?

From 15 December 2019-2 January 2020, commuters will have to stick to existing ticketing arrangements. After that, you'll be able to use pay as you go with contactless across the route all the way between Paddington and Reading. (We're told by an insider, however that automatic daily capping will not be in place until March/April.)

You will NOT, however be able to use your Oyster card. This will only work as far as services to West Drayton. It's a pretty sure sign that TfL is phasing out the Oyster card altogether.

Last Updated 03 December 2019