Why Has This Bus Stop Appeared Inside A South London Hospital?

Will Noble
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Why Has This Bus Stop Appeared Inside A South London Hospital?

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The new bus stop

With its padded banquettes, and coffee table furnished with reading matter, this is London's most comfortable bus stop. It's also the quietest: you could wait here all day, and not see a single double-decker.

In fact, the mock-up stop has been installed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, as an aide for patients with dementia. Located in in the Dalby Ward, on the 5th floor of the hospital’s Lanesborough Wing, it provides a point of familiar recognition for those feeling lost or disorientated.

Says TfL, which helped to install the stop:

It helps those with dementia connect with old memories, creating a calm place to sit down and take a break. The wording on the stop has been developed in partnership with clinicians... and from suggestions by hospital staff.

300 London bus drivers are currently prepped to assist people with dementia. TfL says that by 2022, all 26,000 bus drivers across the network will have had the necessary training.

Last Updated 24 May 2019