This Futuristic Night Bus With Beds Could Be Coming To London

Harry Rosehill
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This Futuristic Night Bus With Beds Could Be Coming To London
The palatial Snoozeliner. Image: Simba

Take a look at the future. Well, an artist's impression of the future. This is the Snoozeliner, a luxurious night bus with private cabins, where passengers can rest up as they travel.

This wouldn't be competing with TfL's night buses, nor Citymapper's green night bus. Instead this would do intercity routes, from London to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and other cities. It's not like people need beds to fall asleep on London's own night buses anyway.

Image: Simba

Each bus would have 14 "futuristic pods" to luxuriate and rest in. Also there's a steward on hand to wake customers up to make sure they don't miss their stop.

The image of the bus looks positively verdant. This is thanks to a vertical forest air purifying system. If that doesn't sound boojie enough, check this out: the bus has melatonin promoting amber lights. By now you've probably realised that tickets on the bus probably won't come cheap.

Image: Simba

Also on board, there's unlimited free mineral water, with coffee and smoothies available.

There's no guarantee that the service will go ahead yet. The masterminds behind it — mattress company Simba — is hoping to hold meetings with local authorities in the new year. They then aim for an ambitious autumn 2018 roll out.

Last Updated 13 December 2017