Commuters Are Venting Their Anger Over New Thameslink Timetable

Will Noble
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Commuters Are Venting Their Anger Over New Thameslink Timetable

It was a date both anticipated and dreaded by commuters. On Sunday 20 May, a new timetable rolled out across the Thameslink network. The following day, as passengers headed to work in their droves, trains were really being put to the test. So has the change-over been a seamless success? Er, not if these Tweets are anything to go by.

The slew of cancellations had many commuters angrily thumbing tweets:

Another gripe, aside from cancellations, is the less-frequent nature of trains at some stations:

The view from Elstree and Borehamwood, where an unfavourable timetable change plus a cancellation led to a 24-minute gap between trains during peak rush hour... not everyone could fit on the first train.

That old chestnut of overcrowding reared its ugly head too:

Commuters were also bemused and frustrated by the term 'operational incident':

Perhaps searching too hard for issues, some commuters bizarrely found beef with an American voiceover on the trains (he's actually Canadian):

Not everyone's suffering with the changes though:

And some have been standing up for Thameslink, citing extremely difficult circumstances:

Still, Thameslink's new timetable has hardly got off to a rip-roaring new start:

Last Updated 21 May 2018