London Is Going Car Free This September... For A Day

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Last Updated 20 June 2019

London Is Going Car Free This September... For A Day
Tower Bridge will close entirely to traffic on 22 September. Image: Shutterstock

20 kilometres of London roads will close to cars this September, for London's biggest Car Free Day yet.

Roads around Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the City of London are among those due to shut for the day on Sunday 22 September.

So far, 18 of London's 32 boroughs have confirmed they're organising events, to include BMX rides, skate ramps, pop-up playgrounds, live music and street performances, sports, treasure hunts, food markets, art installations, and health and wellbeing activities.

More than 200 'Play Streets' have also been promised; these are safe spaces where children can play and communities can meet. While some roads (such as London Bridge) will remain open to buses, others (like Tower Bridge) will allow no motor vehicles at all.

18 of London's 32 boroughs have said they'll take part in 2019's Car Free Day. Image: Shutterstock

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is behind the initiative. The idea, says his office, is to get Londoners to 'reimagine' their city car-free — and explore by foot or pedal power.

London is in the midst of a pollution crisis. More than two million Londoners live in areas with illegal amounts of NO2 in the air. This statistic includes 400,000 children. Khan has set out plans for 80% of all London journeys to be taken via sustainable modes of transport by 2041. At the moment, only 63% of journeys are sustainable.

London Car Free Day, 22 September 2019