Can You Spot The Blunder On TfL's New Tube Map?

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 12 months ago

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Can You Spot The Blunder On TfL's New Tube Map?

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Spotted at Moorgate station

Someone at TfL had a pretty uncomfortable meeting with their boss at the start of this week...

As spotted by many, including Diamond Geezer, the new poster-sized tube maps have a whopping mistake on them. They've missed off the name of a station. We checked this out for ourselves, and it's true.

Tram stop New Addington is missing its name, appearing just as a nameless blob. This is especially egregious as it's a final destination, so vitally important information for travellers. In the meantime, residents of New Addington might be going through a small identity crisis. As those from Muswell Hill must often ask themselves, if your neighbourhood isn't on the tube map, does it even exist?

Expect stickers (or Sharpies) to fix the mistake, but for now get a photo of the blunder while you can. Updating maps take time, so not all stations have switched over to this new one yet, but we found the one above at Moorgate.

This isn't the first tube map error and it seems the trams are a recurring issue for those at TfL HQ who, in 2016, accidentally placed Morden in the trams special fare apply zone.

Last Updated 29 May 2018