Beautiful Photos Of London's Tube Stations

By Daan Deol Last edited 83 months ago
Beautiful Photos Of London's Tube Stations
A police phone box based on the TARDIS from BBC's Doctor Who outside Earl's Court station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni

Ever wished you could reinvent the tube map, offering a new perspective of travelling around London?  Tubemapper does exactly that.

Launched by photographer Luke Agbaimoni, Tubemapper showcases London tube stations using photos taken near each one. The London-based photographer and web designer said, "Using tube stations as a base to navigate my London photography seemed like the ideal way to share my work."

A dark and rainy night outside Embankment station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni

Agbaimoni started Tubemappers as a personal project. "Anything that encourages me to take photos is a great thing. pushes me to take photos everywhere I go in London."

Puddles are just mirrors from Mother Nature. Outside Farringdon station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni

He won his first 'decent' camera in a Docklands Light Railway photography competition, so it's no surprise that the DLR is Agbaimoni's favourite line. While working near Royal Victoria Docks, Agbaimoni took his first landscape photos. "It inspired me. I love the reflections in the docks combined with the juxtaposition of new and historic architecture around the docklands."

St. Paul's station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni

Water remains a key feature of Agbaimoni's photography. "To stand out I naturally wanted to specialise in an area many shy away from. When it rains, the landscape is transformed and the ground becomes a mirror. At night these reflections are exaggerated by the many colours that the city has to offer. It is easy to miss this transformation as we hide under our umbrellas and rush home. I love trying to capture this and share it with others."

Have a look at some of our favourite shots:

"It's actually fun trying to capture things people think as ugly," Agbaimoni says. On the escalators inside Green Park station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
"It's a massive project that can go in various directions. I've also committed myself to a lot of commuting. Travelling to end of tube lines will be difficult and time-consuming." Outside Southwark station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
Stratford station captured in all of its bleak beauty. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
Is it snowing? Agbaimoni captures Oxford Circus in the clutches of winter. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
Temple Underground station. Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
"Not all stations are pretty; this is why the Tubemapper project also extends to nearby landmarks and locations." Photo: Luke Agbaimoni
"I love the rain and night time." Photo: Luke Agbaimoni

To find out more about Luke Agbaimoni's work, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

Last Updated 27 March 2017