An Official London Underground Train Set Is Now On Sale

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An Official London Underground Train Set Is Now On Sale

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Trainyard.

Know a small person that's obsessed with the London Underground? Here's something guaranteed to put a smile on their face on Christmas morning: a gorgeous and intricate tube train set that doubles as a 3D puzzle.

Trainyard's London Underground Train Set, which is licenced by Transport for London, was inspired by one very discerning five-year-old, who was disappointed by the lack of accuracy offered by existing tube-themed toys. So his Dad — a percussionist in the Band of Irish Guards at Buckingham Palace and an amateur 3D printing enthusiast— decided to take things into his own hands.

The family came up with a design to fit all standard wooden toy train tracks, then printed a 3D prototype. As the 3D printer could only print one colour at the time, the initial idea was to paint the model carriage in TfL's signature red, white and blue palette.

Then came the brain wave: why not instead split the model into separate interlocking parts? Not only would this make the trainset look more accurate, but it'd also double as 3D puzzle for kids to solve.

The result was such a hit with the kids that they decided to share the idea with Transport for London's licencing agency, TSBA. TfL gave the train set their seal of approval, and thus Trainyard was born.

When refining the design for commercial production, sustainability was key. Each London Underground Train Set is crafted using a compound that's 60% recyclable plastic and 40% wood. The result? A high quality, durable train set that'll add some serious class to your toy box.

What's more, there's no need to worry about any packaging ending up in a landfill, because Trainyard has made it part of the toy itself! Each train set comes encased in its own Leslie Green-inspired station. Once unwrapped, these beautiful hand-illustrated boxes can form part of your train set.

Basically, if sustainability, durability and creativity are pre-requisites for your Christmas shopping list, you're going to want to stick this one on it. Fair warning, though — this one present you'll be very tempted to keep for yourself.

Trainyard's London Underground Trainset costs £19.95 and can be bought here. Be sure to keep tabs on the website for new product releases, too. Word on the street is that DLR and Elizabeth Line iterations will be available soon...

Last Updated 10 December 2020