Wahey! Apple Pay Gets Rid Of Authentication For TfL

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Wahey! Apple Pay Gets Rid Of Authentication For TfL
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There's nothing more embarrassing than holding up a queue at the tube barriers.

And with Apple Pay you might have been doing that rather a lot. See, for rather a long time you needed to authenticate when tapping in with your smartphone. That meant either using your fingerprint or bringing the camera up to your face, to let your phone know that you did indeed want to pay £2.40 to hop on the tube. Watch the video below to understand what we mean:

That might only take a second or two, but in miserable commuter time, that equates to much longer. So Apple has changed its system. You can now nominate a card that you won't have to authenticate on yellow Oyster Card readers.

So, no more excuses for holding up the queue!

Last Updated 02 December 2019

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