A Ridiculously Addictive Tube Quiz

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 17 months ago
A Ridiculously Addictive Tube Quiz

Warning: This quiz will ruin the rest of your work day.


Sporcle has created a ridiculously addictive online game, in which you have to name as many of the 63 zone 1 tube stations as you can, inside 10 minutes.

Like riding the tube itself, it can switch from an exhilarating, to a painful, experience — you're bombing along without a care in the world, when all of a sudden... (brain) signal failure.

It's the kind of quiz you'll want to try over and over until you get it right. Unless you got it right straight away. In which case... please get out more. On anything except the tube.

We're hoping that other zone quizzes (2-9) are just around the corner.

When you've had a play, let us know how you did, in the comments below.

Last Updated 05 September 2018