These Remarkable Photos Show London's Tube Stations Completely Deserted

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 29 months ago
These Remarkable Photos Show London's Tube Stations Completely Deserted

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Westminster Station

Travel back in your memory to your last trip on the Underground. How many people did you see on the platforms? How many on the carriages?

You probably don't remember. Why should you, anyway? Counting people you spot isn't exactly an ordinary pastime. But even if it were, totting up the figures would be a near impossible task, so busy is the tube.

Photographer Victoria Louise Howard set out to capture the network in a different light, completely deserted. Over a couple of of years she visited each of London's 270 stations and snapped a moment without a soul in sight. This regularly meant 3am starts for Howard, necessary to capture a moment of solace at London's most crowded stations.

The resulting photos have been collected in a new book, Unfamiliar Underground. You can see a selection of some of our favourite images below.

Empty platform at Mornington Crescent
Mornington Crescent
Faded photo of empty Baklerloo line tube train
An empty Bakerloo line carriage
Empty platforms at Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill Gate
Subway in Hampstead Station
A winding tunnel in Hampstead
Platform and greenery at Southfields Station
Oxford Circus Station passageway
Oxford Circus
Island platform at Clapham North
Clapham North
South Kensington platform
South Kensington
Redbridge Underground Station

Last Updated 10 January 2020