How Many Of These Tube Map Covers Do You Remember?

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 75 months ago
How Many Of These Tube Map Covers Do You Remember?
The Hole of London by Rachel Whiteread

The tube map is a work of art. But what's even better than a work of art? Putting another work of art on top of the original work of art. There is a plethora of stunning tube map covers, created by talented artists. Below lies an extensive retrospective, dating back to 2005. Feast your eyes:

You Are In London by Emma Kay
Map of London Underground by David Shrigley
By Gary Hume
By Yinka Shonibare
Portrait of John Hough (Transport for London's longest serving member of staff — 45 years of service), by Jeremy Deller
The Day Before (You know what they'll call it, they'll call it the tube) by Liam Gillick
Underground Abstract by Cornelia Parker
Going Underground by Mark Wallinger
By Pae White
By Paul Noble
By Richard Long
By Barbara Kruger
All my lines in the palm of your hand, by Michael Landy
Polka Dots Festival in London by Yayoi Kusama
Good Times by Eva Rothschild
Petrobas by Sarah Morris
The Central line by Tracey Emin
All Time Would Be Perpetual Spring by Imran Qureshi
London The World by Mona Hatoum
From a Single One to Millions by Daniel Buren
By Pablo Bronstein
Metropolitan Diamonds by Gillian Carnegie
Tunnel Vision by Hew Locke
By Tomma Abts
Out Next Stop by Lily van der Stokker
By Marc Camille Caimowicz

As a little bonus, here's our favourite night tube map:

Eddie by Pio Abad

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