50% Of Us Are Now Using Contactless On The Tube. Are You?

Will Noble
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50% Of Us Are Now Using Contactless On The Tube. Are You?
Image: TfL

Half of all pay as you go tube and rail journeys in London are now being paid for by contactless, TfL has revealed.

The trend to pay for journeys using a credit card or phone — rather than on Oyster card — has steadily grown, since being introduced as an option in December 2012 on buses and September 2014 on tube and rail.  

Around 17 million journeys are now made using contactless every week, and in all, 1.7 billion journeys have been made using contactless so far.

Bus and tram users are going for contactless technology in a big way too — over 45% of all these journeys (around 900,000 a day) are now paid for this way.

So what are the benefits of this increasingly popular technology? Says Steve Chambers, Public Transport Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport: "Cashless ticketing is a simple, effective, way for commuters to pay for their journey while making travelling across London's transport networks easier and more flexible."

And, as our video shows, contactless can prove cheaper too.

These latest stats again prompt a question we've already posed: how long does the iconic Oyster card have left?

TfL is, however, keen to point out that the Oyster card will be gaining all the features of contactless later in 2018, "bringing more benefit to London's commuters."

Last Updated 25 April 2018