5 Reasons Why TicketSwap Is Your Perfect Gig Companion

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5 Reasons Why TicketSwap Is Your Perfect Gig Companion

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Ever tried nabbing tickets to a sold-out gig? Yes, us too. And we'd rather not prowl the streets outside Brixton Academy again, thanks.

Well, until we heard we could do practically the same thing via our smartphone, that is.

Fed up with paying over the odds to scalpers — or heck, even missing the gig altogether — the founders of TicketSwap set out to establish the ultimate ticket reselling marketplace on the web, and boy have they rustled up a lifesaver. With this handy little app in hand, you'll never be caught short again, and you'll be picking up tickets for a fair price too.

How so, we hear you ask? Here are 5 ways that TicketSwap can help save the day:

1. Be the first to hear about tickets to your favourite events

Got a list of gigs you'd love to hit up over the coming months? Go ahead — create a Wanted Listing. TicketSwap's behind-the-scenes magic means you'll be alerted as soon as another fan has tickets for sale, meaning you can snap them up before somebody else does.

Sold out? Oh, please. We can hardly remember what that means.

2. Live search for tickets whilst you're outside the venue

Alright, so maybe you do end up prowling the streets the eve your favourite artist hits town. Rather than dealing with ticket scalpers outside the venue, why not hit up TicketSwap? The app's live search feature means you can search for tickets to any gig, anytime, anywhere. Convenient, huh?

3. Discover events and book tickets for tonight, or months ahead

Making plans for tonight, or somewhere a little bit further down the line? TicketSwap is great for snapping up tickets last minute, but it's just as good for planning ahead. Check out the discovery page to see who's coming to town over the course of the year, and if something takes your fancy, get something booked in to look forward to.

4. Receive your tickets instantly

Print at home fees? Delivery charges? Doesn't wash with us. TicketSwap's digital-wizardry means you'll receive your e-ticket instantly, and with no pesky upcharges. The app's super-quick delivery makes it perfect for securing those last minute purchases — or just for peace of mind.

5. Resell your unwanted tickets straight from your phone

On the flipside, you might be looking for somewhere to offload some tickets of your own. If you can't make the gig anymore and would like to pass them on safely and securely to somebody who can, TicketSwap is here to help. Simply upload them via the app, which then acts as the official mediator between you and the buyer, meaning you can sell the tickets on for a fair price. Result.

So what are you waiting for? Those tickets don't wait around for anyone, you know. Click here to download the app and find out more.

Last Updated 12 March 2018