Things To Do Today In London: Tuesday 29 May 2018

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A very a-peeling troupe of potato puppeteers.

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HALF TERM: Looking for things to do with the kids all this week? Our half term listings has plenty of suggestions.

TIME TRAVEL CLUB: The National Archives is here to take your 7-11 year-olds back in time to discover the heroines of history. They'll rummage through the records to track down extraordinary true stories before indulging in a spot of puppet-making. The National Archives (Kew), £7.50, book ahead, 10.30am-noon

POTATO PUPPET PLAYGROUND: A spud-tacular mash up of arts, crafts and potato-y performances has come to Dulwich. Introducing the Potato Puppet Theatre, where a smashing band of storytellers will teach your little ones how to make their own plant-based puppets, improvise a spud story from scratch, and hide from the villainous Potato-Eye-Eating-Man who will purée any potato in his path. East Dulwich Tavern, £7, book ahead, 11am-12pm

EVERYWOMAN EXHIBITION: Take a peek under the voluminous skirts of a Victorian-style gown that floats a few inches above Norris Raymond's shop floor to find icons of femininity and mortality. This interactive installation by fashion designer Silja Manninen and scenographer Riitta Hakkarainen is presented alongside photography from Tiina Erämeri. Norris Raymond (Dalston), free, just turn up, 11am-6pm

CAST IN THE PARK: Learn how to fly fish like a pro with the help of Orvis and Fly Fishers International, who are leading a fly casting masterclass in Green Park. You'll be bringing home a sumptuous seafood supper in no time. RSVP to to book. Green Park free, book ahead, 1pm-2pm

FRENCH KINDERTRANSPORT: You might have heard the story of Nicholas Winton, the heroic Brit who organised the rescue of hundreds of mostly Jewish children from Nazi Germany to Britain. But did you know that France was also, for a time, a kindertransport destination? Find out all about it at this talk. The Wiener Library (Russell Square), free, book ahead, 6.30pm-8pm

Gold standard comedy from Dane Baptiste.

DESERT DISCOVERIES: Fresh from trekking with camels across Egypt's eastern desert, explorer Sam McConnell is joining the Scientific Exploration Society to talk about his adventures. He'll regale you with tales of the Red Land — a stretch of dessert that has remained unchanged for millennia. Gaucho (Bishopsgate), £10, book ahead, 6.45pm-8.15pm

POST DIGITAL DRAWING: When it comes to architectural culture, drawing is experiencing something of a renaissance. Pseudo-photo-realistic images from the computer modelling boom? How passé. Now, it's all about digital and hand-drawn collages for representing soon-to-be-built projects. Find out why with the help of an expert panel. RIBA (Portland Place), £9.50, book ahead, 7pm-8.30pm

CRAFT AND COCKTAILS: You know what's missing from you life? A unicorn piñata and glitter bag tassels. Have a go at making both over cocktails — your first drink is on the house. Drink, Shop & Do (King's Cross), £20.50, book ahead, 7pm-10pm

DANE BAPTISTE: Wealth, power, and pleasure — these are the pursuits on comedian Dane Baptiste's mind. See his smash hit show G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs) that lays bare how chasing the 'good life' can involve a lot of evil and debauchery, and questions whether that's such a bad thing. Soho Theatre, £16, book ahead, 7.30pm, until 2 June

DARE TO DO: Meet ‘The Bear’ — a wealthy trader, a family man, and a disaster waiting to happen. When his world comes crashing down, he decides to take the rules of the corporate finance game to the streets, in a play by Mark Norfolk inspired by a true story. The Space (Tower Hamlets), £15, book ahead, 7.30pm, until 9 June

Good cause of the day

Stand up to hate with a diverse group of socially conscious standup acts, who know how powerful a sharp sense of humour can be in the fight against bigotry. Featured acts include Esther Manito, Fatiha El Ghorri and Mo Saffaf, and the show is totally free — but they will be taking charitable donations at the end of the night.

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