Things To Do Today In London: Tuesday 10 October 2017

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Combine afterwork drinks with a pampering at Protein Studio's new beauty bar.

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MORNING RITUALS: If 6am sober clubbing wasn't your bag, this new six-part series from Morning Gloryville might be. The first of these Tuesday sessions involves guided meditation "while bathed in harmonic Crystal sounds". Don't forget to set your alarm. 42 Acres (Shoreditch), £26.67, book ahead, 6.30am-8.30am

LOVING VINCENT: The swirling brush strokes of Vincent Van Gogh have been brought to life in the first ever fully oil painted feature film which captures the life and death of the painter. It's an astonishing piece of artistry and a must-see for art lovers and film buffs. See it first at a preview screening. The ICA, £8-£12, book ahead, 3.30pm/5pm

SPACE ODYSSEY: The Cassini mission to Saturn was an incredible achievement, and researchers at London's Imperial College were heavily involved. Hear from mission scientists, visit a pop-up planetarium, and tour the university's satellite test facility. Imperial College, free, register ahead, 5pm-8pm

APERITIVO BEAUTY BAR: If manicures and massages weren't a treat enough, now you can indulge in both while sipping tequila cocktails. Book a treatment and you get two 1800 Blush cocktails included. Protein Studios, £10, book ahead, 5pm-11pm

HEAD TALKS: Tawai is the word used by Borneo's nomadic people to describe an inner feeling of connection to nature. Get in touch with yours at this meditation sesh before a screening of Tawai - A Voice from the Forest, to mark World Mental Health Day. Courthouse Hotel, free, book ahead, 6pm-11pm

SCRATCH NIGHT: A scratch night with a happy hour is our kind of scratch night. Expect an eclectic mix of spoken word, theatre, comedy and chill electronic vibes at the launch night of Trip Hazards, plus two drinks for £6 between 6pm and 8pm. Juju's Bar & Stage, free, just turn up, 6pm-11.30pm

See Queens of Sheba at Camden People's Theatre.

SING FOR YOUR SUPPER: If there was ever an incentive to perform that song you've been working on for the last six months, it's the promise of free food and beer. Don't be shy, the mantra here is "beginners encouraged, experience respected", arrive early to sign up. The Magic Garden, free, just turn up, 7pm

TAXIDERMY TALK: Looking for unusual stuff to do tonight? Join this talk and short documentary screening exploring Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, £13.33-£18.65, book ahead, 7pm-9pm

LIVE MUSIC: Spend the evening listing to three musicians (to be revealed on the night) in L'Escargot's intimate Salon Noir. Your ticket includes two drinks on arrival. £10, book ahead, 7.30pm-10.30pm

OUTSPOKEN-PRESS: Expect poetry from a top lineup of talented wordsmiths, including lyrical goddesses Sabrina Mahfouz and Bridget Minamore, as part of And Now What?, a season exploring life today. Round House (Camden), £10, book ahead, 8pm

QUEENS OF SHEBA: This play is a powerful look at the rise of "misogynoir" (misogyny towards black women) through the story of women fighting the good fight against racism and sexism. Camden People's Theatre, £12/£10, book ahead, 9pm, until 14 October

Art review: Neon auras

© Lauren Baker

Artist Lauren Baker has opened up her own gallery in Covent Garden and filled it with work inspired by her visit to see the Aurora Borealis. These beautifully crafted works are meant to represent the auras people give off and we reckon the results are pretty magical. The Colour of Energy at Lauren Baker Gallery, 18 Floral Street, WC2E 9DE. Until 26 October, free. ★★★☆☆

Theatre review: Razor-sharp barbering at the Coliseum

After a shaky year, ENO surprises and delights with a freshly burnished revival of Jonathan Miller’s commedia dell’arte styled Barber of Seville, this time with a starry home team who enthusiastically play up the comedy. Sarah Tynan is one of ENO’s most technically perfect sopranos but she’s also their wittiest actress and her Rosina is enjoyably mettlesome. Alan Opie scores highly as Dr Bartolo, Yvonne Howard makes even the maid a star turn, and guitar-toting Morgan Pearse has more troubadour charm than barihunk bombast as Figaro. Even if you find Eleazar Rodriguez’s Almaviva slightly too formally sung for such a rollicking show, he’s nifty in the comic disguises too. Two years ago, we weren’t so keen. This time, thoroughly recommended. The Barber of Seville, London Coliseum, St Martin’s Lane,WC2N 4ES. £12-105. In repertoire until 30 October. ★★★★★ Johnny Fox

Good cause of the day: International Day of the Girl

Need proof feminism is alive and kicking? Join four amazing women as they discuss the main challenges facing girls around the world, in this event marking International Day of the Girl. All proceeds go to mothers2mothers, a charity dedicated to preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Bloomsbury Publishing, £20, book ahead, 6pm-8pm


Fun things to do with our friends and sponsor Funzing.

Love Actually

Nothing says Christmas like a special screening of everyone’s favourite love story: Love Actually. The film will be accompanied by a fun and fascinating talk about the psychology of love from evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin, giving you a great insight into why some of us are luckier in love than others. And as an extra special festive treat, every ticket includes a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie and a very festively decorated venue.  Get tickets

Bitcoin and Ethereum for Dummies

Have you heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum? Perhaps because it's been in the news a lot recently due to spectacular price rises. But what exactly is Bitcoin? How is Ethereum different? Is it too late to get involved, or is this just the beginning? In this talk, Owen Barnes will cover the essentials of cryptocurrencies, assuming you have no prior technical knowledge. By the end you should have the tools and confidence you need to participate in the biggest technological shift since the creation of the Internet.   Get tickets

Take a Walk Through London's Most Historic Spots

Have you visited London's Roman ampitheatre? What about London's Medieval market places? Hear weird and wonderful tales of our beautiful city as you take a walking tour, seeing everything from centuries-old churches to the hanging place of William Wallace. Whether you've lived here all your life or are visiting for a few days, you're sure to learn something new about London. Get tickets

Talk: Is Monogamy Dead?

Are we all a bit more polyamorous than we admit? Our diverse definitions of infidelity are brought under spotlight by comedian, writer and broadcaster, Rosie Wilby, as she presents some of the surprising results of a survey she conducted as research for her book, ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’. Perhaps the wide variety of connections we experience deserve more language, like a ‘love affair friendship’? Get tickets