Things To Do In London Today: Tuesday 8 November 2016

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Things to do today

It's here.

RED LIGHTS OF SOHO: Wander through sexy Soho, discovering the area's connections to the founder of communism, Casanova's mistress, and the UK's most successful pornstar. All proceeds to Stonewall. £10, book in advance, 6.30pm

POLICE AND FRAUD: Fraud affects not only bank accounts, but confidence too. Chris Geany, City of London Police’s Commander, explores the various faces of fraud and its increasing threat from cyber crime. £5 (+booking fee), book in advance, 6pm

POST MORTEM: Warning: if you're easily squeamish, look away now. Dr Lishman uses a live model at the Old Operating Theatre to show how post mortem examinations have changed over the years and what you can find out from a dead body. (There will be no real blood or body parts.) £6.50, book in advance, 6.30pm

EVOLUTION OF GENES: Wonder why you got your mum's intelligence but not grandad John's dashing looks? In her talk at the Royal Institution, geneticist Aoife McLysaght explores how genes evolve. £14, book in advance, 7pm

SHAKESPEARE'S GARDEN: How was Edward VII's mistress Daisy connected to Shakespeare and his garden over two centuries later? Find out in garden historian Sir Roy Strong's talk about the restoration of Shakespeare's garden at the Royal Geographical Society. All proceeds to the National Gardens Scheme. £20, book in advance, 7pm

BACKYARD COMEDY CLUB: Joel Sanders probes the mind of Adam Bloom, the man comedians go to when they want to improve their jokes. Backyard Comedy Club £10 (+booking fee), book in advance, 8.45pm

Tonight (well the early hours of Wednesday morning) is when we finally see who the next US president is. Here are a couple of Hillary V Trump events:

MAKE AMERICA SLAAAAY AGAIN: Grab an American beer and pretzel, and see comedians from both sides of the pond perform standup about the impending doom state of the US of A. The show is followed by a more serious panel discussion, and Hackney Showroom will be open late, showing a live stream of election news coverage. £8, book in advance, 8pm until late

PRESIDENTIAL PARTY: Play Trump Tower Jenga, feast on an American-inspired all-you-can-eat buffet, and watch the election drama and results unfold at Dinerama in Shoreditch. Have a pint of Obama's favourite beer and spend nine hours partying presidential-style with Brits and Americans (and maybe even women and Mexicans too...) £50 (+booking fee), book in advance, 8pm until 5am

TRUMPAGEDDON: Head to Kings Head Theatre to hear satirist Simon Jay explore the apocalyptic vision of the US if Trump becomes the next POTUS. £18, book in advance, 8.45pm

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New show Putting Words In Your Mouth comes to Roundhouse

Former Time Out Performer of the Year Scottee is bringing his brand new show to Camden's Roundhouse. His directorial debut, Putting Words In Your Mouth explores today's prejudices amongst the LGBTQI community in an engaging live art format. Featuring a diverse cast, this latest show is the result of Scottee's pre-EU Referendum tour around the UK, in which he interviewed a variety of LGBTQI people angered by mainstream politics. Be prepared to get heated and political as Scottee highlights society's current shortcomings and the growing need to bring LGBTQI communities together.

Curious about the legacy of Thatcherism or keen on exploring what it means to be British and queer in 2016? Scottee will be sure to be Putting Words In Your Mouth — check out his performance from 22 November-3 December.

Good cause

STAND UP FOR REFUGEES: Frankie Boyle, Sara Pascoe and Richard Herring are among the line-up of comedians performing at Conway Hall in aid of Help Refugees, a charity providing assistance to refugees in Calais, Lesbos and Athens. £15, book in advance, 7pm (show starts at 7.30pm)