See Synchronised Swimmers Perform In Covent Garden

Last Updated 08 April 2024

See Synchronised Swimmers Perform In Covent Garden
A tank of synchronised swimmers in Covent Garden
Synchronised swimmers will perform on 17 April.

Synchronised swimmers will perform in Covent Garden's piazza, marking 100 days till the start of the Paris Olympics.

Athlete will perform a display every half hour, in Covent Garden's East Piazza on Wednesday 17 April, from 9am-6pm — showing off all manner of underwater manoeuvres, in what is essentially an oversized fish tank. (Please do not feed the athletes.)

It's an imaginative marketing stunt from On Location, the official hospitality provider of the 2024 Paris Olympics, that may or may not have been inspired by the see-through Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms.

At some point in the day, Olympic British athletes Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford are expected to make an appearance at the tank — although we're not sure they'll actually be slipping into their budgie smugglers and taking the plunge themselves.

Though commonly still referred to as synchronised swimming, the official name for it in the Olympics now is 'artistic swimming'.

It's free to watch — just turn up at Covent Garden between 9am-6pm on Wednesday 17 April, and wait for the next display.