Admire London From Inside A Magical Snow Globe At The London Eye

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 20 months ago

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Admire London From Inside A Magical Snow Globe At The London Eye

Planning on visiting the London Eye? If you make your way to the big wheel between Thursday 29 November and Wednesday 4 December, you might be in for an extra special spot of sightseeing...

To kick off the holiday season, the iconic South Bank attraction has given one of its famous capsules a festive makeover, inspired by the whimsical wintery scenes depicted in snow globes. We're talking real pine trees, flickering lamplight and, naturally, loads of artificial (we assume) snow. There's even a park bench, so visitors can comfortably admire the capital from on high.

The experience is marketed as an "opportunity to 'switch off' from the stresses of urban life and panic of last-minute Christmas shopping". Given how hectic South Bank can be at Christmas, we can totally see the appeal of retreating into a tranquil, Narnia-esque retreat. Don't go full on Luddite while you're in there, though — this is a golden selfie opportunity if we ever we saw one.

So, how to go about getting inside it? Each day, the London Eye team will surprise a few lucky ticket-holders by random selection. So you need to turn up and keep your fingers crossed.

For London Eye opening times and tickets, click here.

Last Updated 28 November 2019