See 500 Rubber Ducks Take To The Canal This Week

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See 500 Rubber Ducks Take To The Canal This Week
500 ducks on the canal at 2018's duck race

What the duck?! 500 rubber ducks will be launched on the Grand Union Canal this week, as one of London's oddest annual spectacles returns.

Ducks away!

The Rubber Duck Race is a charitable event, raising funds for COSMIC (Children of St Mary’s Intensive Care). A flock of fake ducks are tipped off the side of the bridge at Merchant's Square, Paddington — and then bobs towards the finishing line along the canal.

Anyone can enter — you donate £3 for a duck with the hope that yours will come first, scoring you a pair of Eurostar tickets if it does.

I should be so ducky, ducky, ducky, ducky...

The festivities continue later on in the afternoon, with the Dragon Boat Regatta, in which vessels of 11 (plus a drummer) dash 100 metres along the canal — again raising money of COSMIC. Expect some top-notch fancy dress too.

Never played this version of Mario Kart before

The Rubber Duck Race starts at St Mary's Bridge, Paddington, at 12.30pm on Thursday 25 July. The Dragon Boat Regatta starts at 5pm from the same spot. Both events are free, and you can just turn up.

Last Updated 22 July 2019