Repair Week: Get Your Items Fixed Up At Over 50 London Workshops This Month

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Repair Week: Get Your Items Fixed Up At Over 50 London Workshops This Month

Want to know what it's like at one of London's repair cafes? Check out this video we just made.

A man fixing up a bike at a repair workshop
Does your set of wheels need doing up? Repair Week is a good time to do it. Image: ReLondon

Got an old bike you need fixing up? A radio you'd like to get working again? A favourite coat with a huge tear in it?

Repair Week is in London from 20-26 March 2023 — with over 50 workshops running across the city, giving you the chance to breathe new life into cherished items, save money and help the environment.

Among events — taking place in various libraries, community centres, churches and other venues — are sewing 'survival skill' crash courses; furniture upcycling sessions; computer maintenance and troubleshooting tutorials; and bike repair workshops. Some events are also hosted online.

London Repair Week: An electrical circuitboard being fixed
Learn to fix your things under the guidance of experts. Image: ReLondon

While handypeople will be able to mend your items at some of these workshops (and often for free), the idea is to follow their guidance and pick up tips from them, so you learn how to make fixes yourself.

Some of these workshops promise to be good fun too. On 26 March, for example, LIVAT Hammersmith is throwing an 'Electronic Repair Party', while on 25 March you can learn how to fix your bike, textiles or electricals in the magnificent setting of a 700-year-old barn in Hillingdon.

London Repair Week: A woman in a orange blouse repairing a piece of fabric
Repair workshops and cafes can be found in London year-round. Image: ReLondon

With each London household producing a tonne of waste each year, it goes without saying that our habits need to change, and fast. The recent swell in 'make do and mend' attitudes — and popularity of shows like The Repair Shop — suggest a positive move towards fixing up rather than throwing away.

Of course, campaigns like Repair Week are in the best interests of local councils too, who have to deal with a lot of our jettisoned material.

Repair cafes and workshops can be found in London year-round — check out this list of places where you can get things fixed up.

Repair Week, 20-26 March, London-wide

Last Updated 13 March 2023