More Clues About The Official Sherlock Escape Room Have Been Revealed

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 9 months ago
More Clues About The Official Sherlock Escape Room Have Been Revealed

Back in spring, it was announced that a Moffat-approved escape room dedicated to the BBC smash hit series Sherlock was coming to London. Now, with less than two months until its launch, we've got our hands on a few more tantalising details about what fans can expect from Sherlock: The Game is Now.

First up, the venue. Sherlockians will be tasked with sleuthing their way out of the W12 Shopping Centre, in Shepherd's Bush. Except it won't look anything like a shopping centre. It'll look something like this:

That's right, you'll be transported right into our hero's own gaff — the living room of 221B Baker Street. Starting your adventure from the same place where all good Sherlock cases begin, you'll solve a series of puzzles so dastardly they may well have been designed by Moriarty himself.

If that's got you excited, just wait until you see the escape room's brand new trailer, featuring messages from a couple of very familiar faces:

And here's some good news for those who are the only Sherlock fan in their circle of friends; individual tickets can now be purchased instead of group bundles. There's even a Facebook group for finding the Watson to your Holmes (or vice versa).

Unsurprisingly, all December and January tickets have already been snapped up. But you can book in for February-May here. If you fancy making your day really special, you can even plump for the afternoon tea option (sadly not served up by Mrs Hudson).

Last Updated 24 October 2018