Which Is London's Smallest Cinema?

By Zoe Craig Last edited 13 months ago
Which Is London's Smallest Cinema?

Looking for a tiny space to watch a massive blockbuster? Look no further. London is littered with loads of wonderful cinemas, big and small.

There are plenty of smaller more 'private' screening rooms in London; many are in hotels, like the Soho Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel and Covent Garden Hotel.  But these are, we think, the smallest public cinemas in London. If you're a fan of independent cinemas, the chances are you've already visited one of these bijou beauties.

Arthouse Cinema, Crouch End.

There's the Arthouse in Crouch End (with 80 seats in Screen 1); the Lexi in Kensal Green (75 seats); and the Hampstead Everyman with just 72 seats.

The Lexi Cinema.

Head down to the Picturehouse in East Dulwich and their smallest space, Screen 3, accommodates just 53 people.

The East Dulwich Picturehouse.

Then there's the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey where you need to be early to make sure you get one of just 52 seats in their single screen cinema.

Inside the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey.

Finally we think the home of London's smallest cinema (excluding temporary pop-ups and private screening rooms) is the Vue Piccadilly.

The Vue Piccadilly. Photo by Kake.

Coincidentally, the Vue is housed in a building that was once one of London's biggest, most lavish West End cinemas: the Plaza Theatre, built in 1926, with seats for 1896 people.

Today, it's converted into a shop below, and five separate screening rooms above. The smallest of these five are Screen 1 with 88 seats; Screen 2 with 59 seats, and Screen 3 with space for just 40 people.

Know of any smaller cinema spaces in the city? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated 22 May 2017

Tom Payne

Cineword Leicester Square (formerly Empire) has some tiny ones, the smallest being screen 6 with 26 seats, followed by screen 9 with 42 seats. Across the square the Odeon also has some tiddlers, the smallest holding 33.

janet smith

David Lean Cinema in Croydon has 68 seats!


the community cinema in deptford i think has less than 50 seats

Andrew Thompson

Deptford Cinema has got to be one of the smallest