Kong And Godzilla Appear By/In The Thames For Epic Selfie Op!

Last Updated 25 March 2024

Kong And Godzilla Appear By/In The Thames For Epic Selfie Op!
A jogger running past a huge Kong
Kong and his mate enemy Godzilla are only in town for the day.

Godzilla and King Kong are currently appearing in an epic double bill by (and in) the Thames — but only until this evening.

If you're anywhere near the South Bank today (Monday 25 March), head to the water by the OXO Tower to find Kong's huge noggin surfacing from the pavement, and his hairy mitt crushing a red phone box — making for a fab selfie op with St Paul's in the background.

In the water nearby, you'll spot a 20-metre-long Godzilla — its eyes and back radiating a shocking pink colour.

A Godzilla in the Thames, with shards of glowing purple emanating from its back
Still less terrifying than a massive Michael Jackson tbf

As you'll no doubt have surmised, the two beasts are part of a marketing stunt — namely for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, a schlocky disaster movie released just in time for Easter, in which the two titans presumably smash the living daylights out of one another.

You may also notice that the OXO Tower itself has been temporarily branded to the 'GxK' Tower too — a monstrously savvy bit of marketing, although how awesome would it have been if they attached Kong to the tower a la the Empire State Building.

London has a history of being smashed to smithereens by brutish behemoths; here's our roundup of giant monster attacks on the capital.

See Kong and Godzilla on the Southbank till 7pm on 25 March 2024