See London's Roman Amphitheatre Brought Back To Life

Laura Reynolds
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See London's Roman Amphitheatre Brought Back To Life

London's Roman amphitheatre comes back to life this summer, when the Gladiator Games return to the capital.

Guildhall Yard — the site of London's real amphitheatre — is hosting a Roman-style arena where gladiators go head to head in staged battles. Expect full period costumes, armour, shields, spears — the works.

You can involved too, by taking sides and shouting at the Emperor to save your favourite soldiers.

Britannia — the team working on the production of the shows — also worked on the movie Gladiator, so we're expecting some spectacular effects and staging. It may well get gory — something to bear in mind if you're weak of stomach, or are thinking of bringing young children along.

The three day event, taking place over the August bank holiday weekend, is run by Museum of London. Plenty of research has gone into Roman gladiator battles to make this experience as authentic as possible. A Roman festival runs alongside the gladiator shows, where visitors can handle real Roman artefacts, learn Roman crafts and learn about life in Londinium.

The Gladiator Games take place 25-28 August 2017, with eight separate one-hour shows. Tickets range from £13-£22 and need to be booked in advance. Londinium Roman Festival runs 28 July-29 October, with details of events TBA.

Last Updated 30 May 2017