Free And Cheap London Events This Week: 18-24 September 2017

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Free And Cheap London Events This Week: 18-24 September 2017

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Street Art and Fan Making

LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL: The big daddy of design shows is back for its fifteenth year. There's a ridiculous amount to see and do across the week, so it can be somewhat overwhelming. If you just want to see some highlights head to the V&A, which acts as a hub for the festival. Various locations, various prices, 16-24 September

TEA TIME: Celebrate London Design Festival with contemporary Aussie tea specialist T2 who are showcasing artist and illustrator talent by creating limited edition tea box designs in a week long workshop. T2 (Shoreditch) free, just turn up, 10am-6pm, until 22 September

WILDERNESS OF RUSSIA: This photo exhibit features work from an unprecedented project by the Russian preservation system. See pictures that capture the beauty of Russia's wildlife and natural landscapes. Russian House for Culture (Bloomsbury), free, just turn up, 7pm, until 22 September

GARAGE DESIGN: British interiors label Buster + Punch are hosting events as part of London Design Festival and Better Bankside. From workshops to pop up shops, see Michelin star chef Tom Sellers get down to their DJ'd launch party. The Hop Exchange (Southwark), free, 11am-6.30pm, 18-23 September

STREET FANS: When street art meets fans you get... well, Street Art and Fan Making. Artists such a Otto Schade and Lily Mixe will be putting their own spin on the classic original folding fan to create one of a kind new concepts. The Fan Museum, £4, just turn up, 11am-5pm, 19 September-31 December (except Mondays)

HARMONISE: Gives your pipes a workout with free signing lessons across London until 21 September. The West End Music Choir will be showing you how to get the best out of your voice, plus all the tips and tricks you need to be a lyrical star. Various locations, free, book ahead, 7.30pm-9pm, 18-21 September

ROCKSTAR DANCER: JoZie 'Lovestar' DiMaria has danced with and trained some of the biggest names in rock music, and is now debuting a exhibition Through the Eyes of a Motley Crue Dancer giving the rest of us a glimpse into the crazy world of glam rock. Until Saturday 30 September. Karma Sanctum (Soho), free, book ahead, 6pm-7.30pm, 18-30 September

Monday 18 September

What should London after hours look like? (Image courtesy Peter H)

TURING LECTURE: This talk by Lenroe and Manuel Blum explains and recognises mathematician Alan Turing's work in the foundation of numerical computation. The British Library, free, book ahead, noon-3.30pm

WARTIME ATROCITIES: In this talk, Dr Aleksandra Loewenau explores how the Dering v. Uris libel trial drew the attention of the British public to wartime atrocities. Wiener Library (Bloomsbury), free, book ahead, 6.30pm-8pm

LONDON AFTER HOURS: It's now easier than ever to stay out late in London with the introduction of the night tube, but the city has lost 50% of its night clubs and music venues since 2007. The Mayor's vision for London is for a 24-hour city, but what kinds of after hours cultural, leisure and retail activities can we cultivate by learning from other cities? The Building Centre (Bloomsbury), £12, book ahead, 6.30pm-8.30pm

ART AND SOUL: Can art and design continue to flourish in Brixton amongst the gentrification that's rapidly enveloping the area? Join the discussion with these Brixton creatives as they discuss whether Brixton can avoid the shade of beige that inevitably comes when big business moves in. The Department Store, free, book ahead, 6.30pm-9.30pm

Tuesday 19 September

Improve your digital skills at the RED Academy

RECORD THE WORLD: Mute devices and objects are alive for Lee Patterson who uses sounds from items you wouldn't expect to create intricate performances that are pleasant on the ears. This recording session starts with a talk exploring just how his field recording works. Vestry Hall (Mitcham), free, book ahead, 10am-4pm

DIGITAL SKILLS: The RED Academy is back with another digital skills workshop. This time find how to develop successful targeting personas online and how to build the best campaigns to that directly apply to them, as well as how to make smarter marketing decisions when it comes to spending your money. Aldwych House, free, book ahead, 5.45pm -8pm

RUTHLESS SCIENCE: This talk reconstructs the overlooked stories of holocaust victims who were subjected to heinous medical experiments in Nazi extermination camps. Hard hitting lecture by professor Paul Weindling. The Wiener Library (Bloomsbury), free, book ahead, 6.30pm-8pm

Wednesday 20 September

How were the stars formed? Find out at the Museum of London, Barbican

COLOURFUL CONCEPTS: Photographic works by Carolina Mizrahi sit alongside paintings by abstract artist Morgan Ward in a joint exhibition linked through use of colour and construction. Until 4 October. Daniel Raphael Gallery (Marylebone), free, just turn up, 9.30am-5.30pm

CLINIC: This event explores the blurred line through simulation and reality with a series of exhibits. The featured artists explore the future and the boundaries between our living and digital realities with innovative and cutting edge installations, including a synthetic sky created from algorithms. Oxo Tower, free, just turn up, noon-6pm

STAR GAZING: As you look up into the sky at night have you ever wondered how the stars were formed? In this lecture, professor of Astronomy Joseph Silk is on hand to explain the complex processes behind the birth of these gleaming gas giants that punctuate the night's sky. Museum of London, free, just turn up, 1pm-2pm    

PENNY LECTURE: Was King John as cowardly, cruel, and greedy as depicted in the legend of Robin Hood? Who was the real man in this story? In this talk, Marc Morris examines the life of John and attempts to place his actions into the historical context of the time. Morley College, free, book ahead, 5.30pm-6.30pm

MUSIC BIZ: Get a behind the scenes look at the Hip Hop scene with a Q&A with Dante Ross, tracking his progression from being a messenger for Def Jam Records to the influential music man he is today. A DJ set by Spin Doctor follows. The Camden Assembly, £5, book ahead, 7pm-1am

Thursday 21 September

UK Economy: The Productivity Puzzle

MODERN BODIES: Venetia Berry is challenging the concept of the over-sexualised nude female with her exhibition of Modern Bodies where figures are drawn with pure lines and a limited colour palette. Until 27 September. Alex Eagle Studio (Soho), free, just turn up, 11am-7pm

CLERKENWELL WALK: How did the streets of Clerkenwell get their names? Find out which street got its name from an earl who used a church crypt for an unusual purpose, and which was named after an army officer who switched sides twice around the time of the English Civil Wars. Farringdon Station, free, just turn up, 12.30pm-1.15pm

ONE SUN ALLOTMENT: This herbal workshop has fresh produce from the the Living Under One Sun allotment which you can use to make herbal tea blends and lip balms. Museum of London, free, book head, just turn up, 1pm-2pm

BRIXTON FESTIVAL: The streets of Brixton will be full of revellers enjoying Brixton City Festival 2017 with theatrical and musical entertainment and spoken word artists. Until 24 September. Ovalhouse and Brixton, Oval and Brixton, free, just turn up, 1pm-6pm

WHERE IS THE LOVE: More than ever, discussions centred around the themes of peace and conflict are becoming more and more relevant. Talking Peace Festival is celebrating the International Day of Peace with exhibitions showing how we can strive for acceptance and end conflict. Until 24 September. House of Vans (Lambeth) free, book ahead, 4pm-10pm

NURSES OF PASSCHENDAELE: Drawing on letters, diaries and personal accounts from archives all over the world, Christine Hallett recounts the stories of nurses who cared for the wounded in one of the deadliest battles in the First World War. Royal College of Nursing Library and Heritage Centre (Bloomsbury), free, book ahead, 5.30pm-8pm

THE PRODUCTIVITY PUZZLE: You'll need your thinking cap for this discussion on productivity in Britain. Jagjit Chadha discusses why productivity in the UK is poor, and argues that Britain will not find a solution to its economic problems without increasing labour and total factory productivity. Barnard's Inn Hall (Holborn), free, just turn up, 6pm-7pm

Friday 22 September

London City Swim

CITY SWIM: Some crazy people are jumping in the Thames for a 500m swimming race to raise money for research into motor neurone disease. If you have the cash to splash, you can donate through their website, or if your paycheck hasn't come in just yet, head on over and watch the contest for free. Royal Victoria Dock, free, just turn, up, 4pm

DEPTFORD X: For the launch of their festival, Deptford X's creative community has come to the fore with public commissions by five emerging local artists Evan Ifekoya, Project O, Sam Austen, Sisters from Another Mister, and Tom Ireland. Until 1 October. Deptford X Gallery, free, just turn up, 6pm-8pm

CARNI-VINYL: Missed out on Notting Hill Carnival? Or want to experience it all over again? Pure Vinyl Records are celebrating the launch of their new home with a late night African Caribbean music DJ Jam in Brixton, bringing back the carnival spirit. Pure Vinyl (Brixton), free, just turn up, 6pm-9pm

NOTED: The Serpentine Gallery is hosting an impressive display of notes from Joseph Grigely, who is deaf and communicates with people who do not know sign language by asking them to write things down. Ten years worth of notes have been collected and edited into a narrative for visitors to pour over. Serpentine Pavilion, Kensington Gardens, £4/£5, just turn up, 8pm

Saturday 23 September

Time-lining the Front Line

MOBILE RAILTON: As part of Lambeth Heritage Festival, this walking tour Time-lining the Front Line looks into the past of Railton Road. How did it feature in the 1981 Brixton uprisings? Explore its history using mobile street photography, so don't forget to bring your phone. The Commercial (Herne Hill), free, book ahead, noon-2pm

LAST DAY: It's your last chance to find out what the Laura I. Gallery calls art in its exhibition Now That's What I Call Art. The exhibition explores art innovation from 30 professional culturally different artists who what to inspire people to think outside the box. Laura I. Gallery (Barking), free, just turn up, 6.30pm-9.30pm

FREE COMEDY: The Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich hosts free comedy in a watering hole that has seen William Gladstone and Charles Dickens eat side-by-side, so if the comedy sucks, entertain yourself by thinking about what they might have discussed. Trafalgar Tavern, free, just turn up, 7.30pm-9.30pm

Sunday 24 September

Japan Matsuri festival arrives at Trafalgar Square

JAPAN MATSURI: Immerse yourself in Japanese culture without even needing to step on a plane with Japan Matsuri. Get stuck into Japanese food, music, dance, and entertainment, as well as a rare chance to see performers from the little-known Japanese form of variety theatre known as yose. Trafalgar Square, free, just turn up, 10am-8pm

BACH VESPERS: The Bach Vespers series will return again today for a range of orchestral pieces in an ecclesiastical setting. A cantata will be performed, which demands the audience consider the world around them. St Mary-at-Hill Church (Monument), free, just turn up, 6.30pm-7.45pm

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