A Free Bowie Exhibition In London's Golden Fitzrovia Chapel

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A Free Bowie Exhibition In London's Golden Fitzrovia Chapel
David Bowie/the Fitzrovia Chapel
The free Bowie show runs for a good chunk of March. Image: © Kevin Davies/Londonist

One of London's most beautiful churches is hosting a free exhibition of David Bowie photos.

The aureate Fitzrovia Chapel — which recently started opening multiple days in the week — hosts David Bowie - A London Day from 1-20 March 2024. It's a collection of photos snapped of the late singer-songwriter by Kevin Davies on a single day in December 1992.

Taken ahead of Bowie's 18th studio album release Black Tie White Noise, the 20 photographs are presented as diptychs and triptychs — both posed and natural — and according to Davies "show the photographic process beyond a commission."

Glorious golden ceiling and stained glass
Not a bad setting, this. Image: Londonist

Says exhibition curator Dylan Jones: "Not only does it show David Bowie's extraordinary attention to detail, but it also shows Kevin Davies' ability to shape and catalogue that narrative. I love these pictures."

Whether you're a Bowie fan or not, a trip to the Fitzrovia Chapel is a visual feast, its Italianate rib-vaulted ceiling, encrusted with many thousands of gilded mosaic tiles. It also won't cost you a penny.

David Bowie - A London Day, Fitzrovia Chapel, 1-20 March 2024, exhibition times 11am-6pm (Tues-Sat), 12pm-5pm Sunday, free

Last Updated 19 February 2024

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