Explore This Psychedelic Maze Of Colour And Sound

Will Noble
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Explore This Psychedelic Maze Of Colour And Sound

Groovy baby! A huge psychedelic maze will materialise in Wembley Park this bank holiday — and you're invited to come and get lost in it.

Colourscape is a trippy installation, with myriad passageways and chambers filled with incandescent hues, plus dancers and live musicians playing instruments from Tibet, China and Mongolia.

If you think it looks like what would happen if you climbed inside some particularly snazzy 1970s wallpaper — well, Colourscape was actually first created by artist Peter Jones in 1971.

That's right, this zany installation has been wowing people for almost 50 years.

Musicians include Michael Ormiston (Mongolian Overtone singing and Tibetan Singing Bowls), Ansuman Biswas (Asian and other traditional percussion) and Beibei Wang (traditional Chinese percussion). Different combinations of performers each day ensure the music and dance is ever-changing.

One other cool thing: you'll be given a cape to wear before you enter. Because although not all heroes wear capes, plenty do.

Colourscape is at Wembley Park Boulevard, 4-6 May 2019, 11am-4.30pm. Entry is free, and you can visit for up to 30 minutes. A 'virtual queue' will run, meaning you can arrive to confirm your time slot, then go off and explore the rest of Wembley Park, rather than standing around.

Last Updated 15 April 2019