5 Very Different Places To Visit In London This Month

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 17 months ago
5 Very Different Places To Visit In London This Month

Looking for something a bit different to do? Here, we cherry-pick five of our recent adventures around town...

1. Scoff pies and buy fancy dress in Romford

Don't be afraid to say 'Romford' — it is not a dirty word. And don't be afraid to visit this Essex-turned-London town, either. As we discovered on our visit, it's peppered with 14th century buildings, all the pie and mash you can eat... and it has one of London's finest fancy dress emporiums.

2.  Go Harry Potter shopping on Oxford Street

Speaking of fancy dress... shopping for Harry Potter merch is nothing new — but doing it at bargain prices is. You muggles went wild for our video of Primark Oxford Street's sparkling range of magical loot. We forgive you for indulging in a little magical retail therapy.

3. Drink at the 500 best pubs in London

Camden Assembly, one of 500 pubs now on our pub database

Maybe we should have called this '504 places to visit this month'... After years of arduous drinking, Londonist has reached the 500 mark in its database of the city's best pubs. From Barnes to Stratford, from Harrow to Carshalton, we've supped in many a superb boozer. Why not try a pub crawl in an area that's totally new to you? Drink in the details here.

4. Have the strangest night out at the opera you'll ever have

There are no words. We can only suggest you watch our video of Opera Mayhem to see what it's all about. Some of you will instantly book 10 tickets. Others will run for the hills...

5. Discover the London Bus Museum

Covent Garden's all well and good, but London has so many little transport museums scattered about the place, and we're gradually trying to work our way around them. The London Bus Museum is strictly just outside London — but anyone who pines for the whiff of vintage moquette and the plip-plop of oil trays, will be in seventh heaven here. Plus, there's a Concorde parked up outside.

Last Updated 25 August 2017