8 Things To Do In Brixton During The Day

By Danny Lavelle Last edited 42 months ago
8 Things To Do In Brixton During The Day

Brixton is well-known for its nightlife with an impressive collection of traditional and quirky pubs, trendy bars, and lively clubs. But you can have just as much fun in the daytime too. Look:

Beat the hangover

Brixton boasts bountiful breakfast and brunch spots. At Three Eight Four on Coldharbour Lane, you can go American with a stack of pancakes accompanied by blueberries drenched in maple syrup.

Take a look at our guide to where to eat and drink in Brixton for further inspiration. Ready to explore now? Then let's get some chocolate.

Check out the Chocolate Museum

Yep, London's got a chocolate museum and it's right here in Brixton. Two floors are filled with posters and objects telling the history of chocolate, and there's a cafe for sweet-toothed visitors to indulge. Best of all, entry is free. Sweet.

Get inspired at the Black Cultural Archives

Smiley Culture, c.1980s Ian Watts. Courtesy of Black Cultural Archives

Explore Black British history and learn about the experiences of African people living in Britain. Founded in 1981, the Black Cultural Archives’ mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the heritage and history of black people in Britain. The bulk of the archives collection is drawn from the 20th century, but some of the materials date back as far as the second century.

You'll have to book ahead if you want to take a tour of the Heritage Centre, or make use of the archives for research. It's also worth keeping an eye on the programme of events, tours, talks and exhibitions.

Browse local history inside a 130 year old department store

What sets Morleys apart from other shrines to consumerism is the mini-museum on its staircase. See historic photos of the area and the shop itself, interspersed with facts about local celebrities, from Van Gogh to David Bowie. The views from the windows of Brixton's bustling high street are worth a peek too. You can spend Brixton's own currency, the Brixton Pound, here.

Tour the murals

Photo of Big Splash, taken 2010, by Stephanie Sadler.

Many of Brixton's nondescript red brick buildings have been brightened up with colourful murals, varying from abstract political messages to pictures that tell the story of the area's past.

Lots of the murals in Brixton were created by locals and funded by Lambeth County Council and the GLC after the Brixton riots in 1981.

The Bowie mural shortly after his death in January 2016. Photo: Cath Dupuy

The most famous of Brixton's murals today is, of course, the Bowie one on Tunstall Road. Brixton's rightly proud of its Starman, and bouquets of flowers are still left by the mural regularly (there's a florists close by and we'd love to know how much business has boomed since January 2016).

Have a stretch (or a boogie) at the Ritzy

Photo: Zefrog

The Ritzy Picturehouse is a Grade II listed building, and a bit of a legend around these parts. Film buffs can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters — and often something a bit more niche — in the main screen. Upstairs, all manner of other events go on, from yoga classes and open mic nights to Afro-Vinyl Sessions and live music. Plenty of the events are free too.

Even if you're not going in, it's worth taking a trip past the Ritzy to see what wit the staff have placed on the lightbox sign today.

Keep fit

Take a swim, pump some iron, or kick a footie around at Brixton's Recreation Centre. There's a soft play area for kids, if you need somewhere for them to let off steam. We've found the 25m indoor pool to be relatively peaceful on a Sunday afternoon.

Grab a bargain

Image: Brixton Market

Can't face Sainsbury's on a Sunday? Hit up the farmers' market, where you can pick up a bargain on a variety of meat and vegetables, bought directly from the producers. There's even a chocolate stall if you need a midday pick-me-up, and hipster requisites are covered with artisan bread and organic eggs — we're sure you'll find an avocado in there somewhere too.

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated 23 August 2019